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R&D and technology: How do they change your world?

Why is technology important? What difference does it make to us – to you – to the world?
At Trusted Logic, we treasure our R&D, which creates new technology. It has accumulated experience and developed expertise, which enables us to create excellence. And our R&D excellence really does make a difference to you, the smart card vendor. No, not just one difference – three differences. Find out what they are.
But looking at the larger picture, technology also helps the world. It brings people closer together, breaking the barriers of time and space to allow communications and transactions across countries and time zones. Much like the Berlin wall crumbling down 25 years ago brought together East and West Germany, technology today brings together people from all over the world. But how do we get to a future without barriers, and what concerns will we have along the way? These questions were tackled at this year’s Cartes exhibition. Read our article for a glimpse of the future.
Happy reading, and happy new year 2015!

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Preparing your next 15 years of successes

2014 is a special year for us. 15 years ago Trusted Logic was born. Since then, we have accompanied many smart card vendors in their journey to success.
Five years ago we became part of the Gemalto group. How does this benefit you, the customer? Find out by reading our article below – and make sure you contact us if you still have questions.
We have also transformed from being a simple provider of products to an enabler, allowing you to access the high-end markets which are critical for SIM vendors to thrive in the long term. The first step, before accessing them, is to know what these high-end markets are. Here we reveal it all: discover the top three market trends no SIM vendor should miss.
Some of our products have also transformed. In 2009, Deimos™ underwent a complete revamp to become Deimos™ R – a best-in-class native product that is both flexible and secure. Find out five things you can do with Deimos R that will bring you success, by making both MNOs and your production managers happy.
Enjoy the read – and we look forward to accompanying your next 15 years of successes.

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You want, you tell, we do. Trusted Logic: your business partner

Real business partners do not just ask their customers how they are: They are those rare companies which wait to hear the answer.
How many business partners do you have? Is Trusted Logic one of them?
We have put all our efforts into becoming your business partners – and in this issue we present our Customer Listening Program and what we have done with what you told us.
One of the things we’ve done is to offer you a tool which eases your life when creating card profiles.
But business can be discussed in a warm and fun environment. So after our great experience together at the Cartes event last year, we have prepared new surprises for you at the Mobile World Congress. Come and visit us live in Barcelona – you’ll find a real business partner there.

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