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About Us

Our Vision
We strive for a world in which all smart card vendors have access to the latest technologies, the highest quality modules delivered on time, and the technical and business expertise they need to succeed.

Our Mission
We provide the modules, services, and support that smart card vendors need to deliver products that are smart, secure, and timely.

Empowering smart card vendors
Trusted Logic serves smart card vendors, providing the secure OS, modules, tools and expert services they need to turn plastic cards into world-class smart cards.
At the heart of our offer are the secure operating systems needed by smart card vendors to address specific markets – currently:
-  Telecom – both Java Card (jTOP®) and native (Deimos™ R) platforms;
-  Government ID: eID, passport, driving license, health card.
We offer a wide choice, ranging from cost-effective to high-end products that follow the latest standards and include the strongest security certifications.

The ideal business partner
We accompany smart card vendors to help them succeed in their businesses.

To do this, we go beyond selling high-quality modules with secure operating systems. Trusted Logic acts as a business partner, accompanying card vendors to solve technical issues – for example, helping you get your profile approved by the telecom operator, and helping you ensure a smooth industrialization process.
We also share our market expertise, providing the insights that will enable you to define a strategy to avoid being stuck in a commodity market, and position yourself in higher-margin businesses such as NFC, LTE, and ID.
With Trusted Logic, you get much more than a simple provider – you get to build a strong partnership for long-term business growth.

Market leader
Trusted Logic helps its customers serve more than 100 companies – from mobile network operators to government institutions. We have already delivered over 600 million units worldwide.

Trusted Logic constantly innovates, and has developed a portfolio of more than 30 patents. We also contribute to defining the future of smart cards by actively participating in the most relevant standardization bodies, including GlobalPlatform and the Java Card Forum.

Secure products
-  In 2008 our jTOP platform became the first Java Card platform to pass Common Criteria EAL5+ certification, which is required for banking products.
-  We have over 10 years’ experience in Common Criteria certifications.
-  More than 10 of our products and applications were certified Common Criteria, VISA, or MasterCard.

High-quality products
-  Trusted Logic products have so far had a yield of 100% - meaning we have zero returns from the field.
-  We offer a robust OS platform with long-life mechanism for flash memory endurance.
-  The quality of our products has been proved, with more than 600 million units delivered worldwide.

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