Customers such as telecom operators and government entities want to source their products from reliable manufacturers offering quality, timely and state-of-the-art modules. Trusted Logic delivers the modules, tools and services that help smart card manufacturers meet these demands.

Bringing Value to Customers Worldwide

At Trusted Logic, we empower smart card manufacturers by delivering

Future-proof products

  • Driving and following the latest industry standards

Brand value

  • Quality products
  • World-class supply chain
  • Short lead-times

Customer success

  • Hands-on customer service
  • Dedicated extranet area :

SIM Modules

Trusted Logic offers its customers two module product lines with various physical characteristics and a multitude of features to meet the requirements of SIM card vendors for mobile operators. More than 500 million Trusted Logic-equipped SIM modules have been deployed worldwide and over a hundred mobile network operators and card vendors rely on Trusted Logic’s telecom solutions.

The open and secure Java Card™ module offer
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The native operating system module offer
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Payphone Modules

Benefiting from all the experience of Gemalto, which has been delivering chip-based payphone cards since the early 1990s, Trusted Logic now addresses various traditional memory applications.
Trusted Logic offers a new payphone module product line for public telephony.
The same modules can also be used for applications such as vending machines, parking, access control, loyalty cards, etc.
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Trusted Logic makes signficant investments to build a strong and efficient R&D, extending its capability to answer market expectations.
The company enables cards vendors to achieve the fastest possible integration with the highest standards for smart card applications.
Customers who turn to Trusted Logic can rest assured they will have the most up-to-date applications that respond to and plan for a demanding market.
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Trusted Logic accompanies its customers with the tools, processes and consulting they need to meet and even exceed their needs.
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Government Offer

Ensuring the highest levels of security and top-flight performance, jTOP® ID is a robust, state-of-the-art operating system, embedding the ICAO LDS application, and certified at Common Criteria EAL5+ level.

jTOP® ID offers flexibility, security, and performance.
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