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Training on Smart Card Technologies

Java Card™ and SIM Toolkit Training

This course provides the foundations needed to start developing applets for Java Card™ enabled SIM cards. The trainee will also learn about the possibilities of SIM Toolkit and master the capabilities of the SIM card and the options available.

SATSA Training

This course gives an overview of SATSA technology and its uses. It teaches how to rely on SATSA to leverage existing (U)SAT applications and re-use their functionalities in richer handset services.

Smart Card and Mobile Application Training

This course is an introduction to smart card features and how to implement and manage an application on a smart card in order to enrich and increase the services proposed to the end users.

WIM Training

This course covers the security services offered by the WAP forum. Anyone who wants to offer banking applications on a SIM card must be trained in Wireless Identity Module (WIM) technology.

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